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분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물

제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: OEM
인증: ISO9001:2008
모델 번호: YSPBOX-5201
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 1000 PC
포장 세부 사항: Polybag + 표준 수출 판지.
배달 시간: 10-15 일 일은 양에, 달려 있습니다.
지불 조건: 서부 동맹, T/T, MoneyGram, L/C
공급 능력: 달 당 200000 조각/조각
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상세 정보

이름: 분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 사이즈: 당신의 필요를 적합하십시오
재료: 마분지 + 전문 종이 지상 끝: 뜨거운 각인
취급 인쇄: 박판 삽화 체재: PDF, AI, 지휘관, 등
용법: 박스를 패키징하는 페르프움 사용자 지정 주문: 받아들이세요
하이 라이트:



1500gsm 증답품 포장 상자를 패키징하는 핫 스탬핑 선물

제품 설명


Custom logo printed paper compartment truffle chocolate gift packaging box with dividers


Chocolate lovers are very selective in buying the chocolate bar boxes just like they are very conscious in choosing the tasteful flavored chocolates they love. Why not give sweet loving customers every information they need to turn them into buyers? This is only possible when your tailor made chocolate bar boxes carry all the necessary information to tempt them to pick your product from the sweet edible shelves without a second thought. You can get these boxes manufactured in the exact designs and the colors can be printed in the exact shades that were presented to you in early mockups giving attractive appearance that captures interest. You can give your chocolate bar boxes further distinction to catch attention of eyes by adding striking finishing that gives your chocolate bar boxes distinctive looks to become obvious in eyes of customers.


Yison Packaging has the expertise and equipment to get your custom chocolate bar boxes printed using the highest quality inks and our experts use the latest techniques to make sure the boxes are as beautiful as the product inside that will uplift your products’ outlook in eyes of customers.This is not all, distinctive chocolate bars available in unique shapes can grab eye from afar and persuade the buyers to pick your product over the competition. You can present your chocolate favors in specifically tailored display boxes with special inserts to keep your unique chocolate bars organized while also presenting your products to customers in style giving them complete outlook of your product and an easy access.


You can also give your buyers an impressive access to your sweet bars by providing unboxing experience using two-piece and drawer styled lid that will tempt them to eat your product right at the picking of your chocolate bars from the eatables shelves. You can get all this and many more box packaging solutions from Yison Packaging without worrying about the quality of the boxes as everything we do is tailored to your specifications resulting in the best chocolate bar boxes that you will not be able to find elsewhere.Get outclass services from the leading box manufacturing companyIf you are looking for the best box solutions provider, look no further than YIson Packaging. You can find solutions to all your packaging needs from us and our years of industry experience has allowed us to serve hundreds of valued customers with complete satisfaction. During your time with Yison Packaging, you can enjoy the following devices:

You get 24-7 live chat support allowing you to request a quote or get your questions answered anytime without the need to wait long

Request a quick quote with everything to your specifications to understand what you will get and what you will be paying
Get free design assistance from the skilled experts to create a unique identity for your brand and its product that helps sell more products. Your pictures and overall design everything is added for your specifications for attractive looks
Receive 3D mockups to approve your design and requirements before sending for mass production

• You can get meticulously engineered & tailor made boxes that are made to fulfill your specific needs and product dimensions
Option to order as many boxes as you want – Our no minimum order policy lets you order as low as 1000 boxes but, don’t worry if you need to order in wholesale as we have the capacity to handle fifty thousand box orders. Quality should not be your concern as the quality of the boxes will remain same no matter you place a short run or bulk order

You can obtain lowest prices that no one else can provide – only possible by our in-house printing department and latest techniques. No designing fee, no digital sampling price, no die charges or any hidden charges – We charge you what you were given in the quote

You get minimum turnaround time so your boxes will be designed, printed and shipped to you in under 15 days so you don’t have to worry about getting late in product marketing or launch deadlines.


Welcome to send inquiry and custom your unique box now.



Optional Features (Make to Order)
Material (1) art paper,Coated Paper ,speciality Paper are suitable
(2) 1000/1200/1300/1400/1500/1800 gsm greyboard are suitableare suitable
Dimensions As per What You Desire
Printing CMYK or Panton
Finish 1) Glossy/Matte lamination
2) Complete or Spot UV
3) Embossing and Debossing
4) Gold or silver foil stamping
5) Varnishing
Shape Type Lid off rigid box, book shape box,folding box,drawer box,etc
Artwork Format PDF, CDR, AI


분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 0분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 1분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 2


분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 3분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 4분할기와 박스를 패키징하는 커스텀 로고 인쇄물 칸막이 트루플 초콜릿 선물 5

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